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It comes from South Carolina. Wappoo was one of the languages spoken by the Muskogean Indians. The name was given to an intra-coastal waterway called the "Wappoo Cut". This borders Charleston, South Carolina and was a strategic place during the Revolutionary War.


We're proud of our name, Wappoo Wood Products, Inc., because it is a unique name and we are an outstanding company that will take care of your quality lumber needs.




Wappoo Wood Products, Inc. was started in 1980 as a one-man wholesale lumber operation, now 42 people strong with over 300 years of combined experience. Since our modest beginnings we have steadily expanded by producing premium service and top quality products.

Where the name Wappoo Wood Came From:

Count on our 300 years of combined experience for all of your lumber needs from custom cutting to prompt delivery.

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